New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Your Golf Game in 2022

By: Leslie Hughes - Dec 14, 2021

New Year's resolutions can come in all shapes and sizes. Some people look to the new year to become more healthy. Others look to the new year to get a new job or find more success in their current job. And then some look to the new year for better play on the course.

Whether you are a new golfer or a seasoned player, 2022 is the year to improve your golf game. Read below for some of the New Year’s resolutions you may want to adopt for this coming year.

2022 New Year’s Resolutions For Golfers

1. Have fun

Golf is notorious for being frustrating. All it takes is a few bad shots in a row to feel like your day on the course is doomed.

That’s why it’s important to remember in 2022 that you are not a professional and that you are out on the course for fun. Sure, you want to do as well as possible, but your career isn’t on the line.

Bad shots will inevitably happen, so this year, work on shaking them off quickly and getting back to the fun.

2. Practice

The only way to get better at golf is to practice. As frustrating as that may be, it’s the truth. The more time you put into your practice, the better your output on the course will be.

So schedule some regular time into your schedule to get on the driving range or out on the course to perfect your shots.

3. Get in shape

Getting healthy is a New Year’s resolution that will benefit all areas of your life, including your golf game. When you’re at a healthy weight, your posture and your golf swing will improve, which in turn improves your game.

Get on this healthy track first by improving your eating habits and then by incorporating some form of movement into every day. One day that may mean going to the gym, and the next day it may mean going on a walk.

Whatever it is, get moving and you’ll find yourself getting healthier.

4. Take a lesson

If you can’t seem to improve your swing enough to get rid of that slice or any other issue you have with your game, treat yourself by getting some lessons in 2022.

A professional can help get you out of your golf slump quickly and on the path to success in the new year.

5. Plan a golf trip

A golf trip is a fun way to get out of your normal play and experience somewhere new.

This helps to improve your golf game, as new courses always present new challenges for you to tackle. On top of that, a golf trip is a fun escape from reality with your friends or family that gives you permission to relax and enjoy life. And I think we could all use more permission to relax in 2022.

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