Meet Kevin O'Connor

Managing Director, Governance

Kevin joined the SCGA in August of 2012, and will oversee utilization of the USGA Handicap System by SCGA members and member clubs, including utilization of the GHIN service, course rating as well as club services. Having worked at the Northern California Golf Association in a similar role, and then more recently in a senior management role with the United States Golf Association, his experience positions him to assist the SCGA and its members in continued successful implementation of these core programs.

Why Golf?

"Turning an avocation into a vocation seemed natural. There are so many good people involved in golf and being around these people makes work quite enjoyable."

Will your sports allegiances remain or will you become a SoCal sports fan?

"Hmmm … for a guy who grew up in Northern California, it may be difficult to break old habits. But I can guarantee that I didn’t become attached to east coast sports teams during my time working at the USGA. And Utah State, my alma mater, seems to bring out my enthusiasm regardless of how its teams fare."

Contact Kevin O'Connor at: [email protected] .