Meet Evan Belfi

Director, Membership Development

Evan joined the SCGA in late 2012 as the Assistant Director of Marketing. He brings six years of marketing experience to his role of managing the SCGA brand, securing corporate sponsorships for SCGA programs and communications vehicles and coordinating the SCGA Hall of Fame program.

What is your favorite brand?

“Apple. Walk into any apple store anywhere in the country and you see something you wouldn’t have seen 10 years ago - long lines of ordinary people (including Moms and Grandpas) waiting to get their hands on the latest gadgets that used to be the exclusive domain of tech nerds. Their brand communicates everything that their products are: simple, fun and most of all, cool."

What is your dream golf foursome?

"Mike Tyson, Norm MacDonald, Elvis and George Washington (I would caddy for Washington). I am positive that there would be some interesting conversations on the way to the 18th hole."

Contact Evan Belfi at: [email protected].