Meet Craig Kessler

Director, Public Affairs

Craig came to the SCGA via the merger with the Public Links Golf Association (PLGA), where he served as Executive Director for 11 years and pioneered the development of the nation’s most active and accomplished advocacy component. He has been tasked with doing the same for the SCGA as its first Director of Governmental Affairs, albeit on a much larger stage.

In addition to his current and previous job responsibilities, Craig has served as a USGA Committeemen continuously for 15 years, Chair of the Los Angeles Golf Advisory Commission, Chair of the Los Angeles County Golf Advisory Committee, Member of the City of Los Angeles’ Griffith Park Master Plan Board, Member of the Ventura Golf Advisory Group, Member of the Los Angeles County Junior Golf Foundation Board of Directors and Chair of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce First Tee of Los Angeles Advisory Committee. In 2008 Craig was inducted into the Long Beach Golf Hall of Fame.

What would be your dream golf foursome?

"Since the premise of the question is fantasy, my “dream” foursome would be Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, and John Lewis. None of them plays golf; thus, we could retire to the clubhouse for five hours, and I would be able to spend the time with three persons of truly heroic status, men who have demonstrated a level of moral, ethical and intellectual courage of which the rest of us can barely imagine, let alone live.

Why golf?

"I haven’t always worked in golf. It’s safe to say that I didn’t really “choose” golf; golf chose me. And I couldn’t be happier that it did. The persons who work in golf are quite simply the most ethical and most generous persons with whom I’ve ever had the privilege to work. And a genuine “privilege” it has been."

Contact Craig Kessler at: [email protected].