Meet Chris Knowles

Director of Technology

Chris joined the SCGA at the beginning of 2016 as the Assistant Director of Marketing. Prior to becoming a full time member of the SCGA Communications and Marketing team, Chris served for two and a half years on the SCGA Communications and Marketing Committee as a volunteer. He brings eight years of experience in a wide range of media and marketing. For the past three years, he has worked at a full-service Internet Agency, where he was the acting project manager for the SCGA website.

With the SCGA, Chris manages a broad-based marketing plan for the Association, with a special emphasis on supporting membership development. He also oversees sponsorships, the SCGA's video program and the SCGA Hall of Fame.

Why Golf? What makes you want to work in golf?

“Who wouldn’t want to work in golf? I love sports. From the moment I was old enough to walk you’d find me running around with a baseball glove or kicking a soccer ball. I’ve played golf on-and-off for 20 years or so and, been making more and more time to get out to the course. Being able to combine my passion for marketing and analytics with my love of sports is an amazing opportunity!”

Dream Golf Foursome:

Bill Murray

Tiger Woods

Jordan Speith


I’d need the comic relief from Bill Murray if I am going to be playing with the likes of Tiger and Jordan.

Contact Chris Knowles at: [email protected].