Meet Adam Hawk

Asst. Director, Communications

Adam Hawk is an accomplished writer, producer and content developer with over a decade of experience creating written, digital and broadcast programming. In addition to serving as the editor of the award-winning FORE Magazine, he manages all SCGA digital communication vehicles, including member newsletters and He also manages championship communications, improving player profiles and tournament coverage to elevate the Association’s event administration. Additionally, Adam manages the SCGA's wide reaching social media program.

Before joining the SCGA, Adam worked as the executive producer of the nationally syndicated The Jim Rome Show. Prior to that, he re-energized the JT the Brick Show on Fox Sports Radio with new topic development and the creation of in-program opportunities to enhance sponsorship sales, and also made his mark in production and content development when he created, launched and produced the Fred Roggin Show - at the time the high-profile Southland sports talk show.

Why golf?

There’s nothing I can say about golf that hasn’t been said a million times before, but these things have been said a millions time before because they’re all true. It’s the greatest game in the world. No game offers what golf offers. It’s the ultimate social activity. You’re outside, for an extended period of time, usually with great friends, challenging yourself on acres of manicured landscape. No one round is like the other. The worst day on the golf course beats the best day at a desk. And golf continually rewards players of any level and any age in a myriad of different ways. The scorecard is secondary to the fellowship, banter, laughs, and camaraderie of your foursome. Why golf? Because it’s the best game. And who wouldn’t want to work in an industry serving and shepherding the best game?

Dream foursome?

I’m going to ask the starter for a favor and get six people out there; my mom, my dad, my three brothers, and me. I don’t want to play with Tiger or any other TOUR pro. I’d be too nervous and golf isn’t fun for me when I’m nervous. At my age, I’d want to have four uninterrupted hours with my family—laughing and slapping the ball around and staying off our phones. Usually family-time like that is reserved for holidays. And holidays are full of obligations and stress. To have my family on the golf course, in a big group, would be a dream.

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