How do I earn more VAULT points?

You can earn VAULT points many ways! Login to your account to view all the ways you can earn and spend points. Some easy ways to earn points are to turn in a copy of your report card, participate in our newsletter contests and attend field trips!

How many report cards can I turn in each year for VAULT points?

You can earn VAULT points for two report cards each year. The report cards would need to come from two different quarters or semesters. Each report card is worth six (6) VAULT points. You can also earn additional points for your GPA as well.

Do I need to renew my VAULT membership for 2013 if I am already a member?

Yes. You will need to submit your most recent report card and parent/junior waiver forms to remain active.

Do I need a Handicap Index to participate in VAULT events?

VAULT field trips are available to all Club members. However, we do require that you have an established Handicap Index in order to attend. You can learn more about how to post scores here and about the Handicap Index here.

How do I know that I'm confirmed for a VAULT event?

An email directly from Jen Alban ( will confirm your attendance at an event. If you RSVP on FaceBook, you will still need to receive a confirmation email directly from a Youth on Course employee. If you have not received a confirmation email, please email Youth on Course.

I lost my Youth on Course bag tag and SCGA membership card. How can I get new ones?

You can request new credentials by logging into your Youth on Course account here. There is a $10 fee to replace both the golf pass and membership card. If you only need one of the two items, a golf pass is $5 and a membership card is $6. Remember, you are required to show both the golf pass AND SCGA membership card when signing in at Youth on Course facilities.

Do you have to be a Youth on Course member to participate in VAULT?

Yes. You must have a certified Youth on Course golf pass to activate a VAULT account.

I'm a high school senior. Will I be able to keep my SCGA and Youth on Course membership after I graduate?

The SCGA Youth on Course Alumni Club is available to Youth on Course members who have graduated from high school. This club will allow you to maintain a Handicap Index and continue to receive all of the benefits included in an SCGA membership. You will no longer have Youth on Course privileges, however.