Quotes From Our Juniors

“I have enjoyed various aspects of the organization (the SCGA Foundation), beginning with the Youth on Course Program initiated in 2007. YOC helped me elevate my golfing skills to where I was comfortable competing on regulation-size golf courses. Before YOC I had to depend heavily on others in order to play various golf courses, but the program facilitated the economic burden that comes with having a passion for golf. As I took advantage of various YOC golf courses, I saw my golf skills sharpen and dropped 4 strokes off my high school competitive average in just one summer of golfing. The program would not benefit so many lives if it were not for your continuous support.”

Roberto Rosas, San Diego, Age 18

“The SCGA Foundation and The First Tee have opened many doors for me and provided many opportunities for me. I’ve been given the chance to play golf at some of the most prestigious clubs in Los Angeles. Golfing at these different clubs has given me the opportunity to speak with people of so many different career paths. I don’t know too many other inner city kids that get the chance to speak to engineers, lawyers, doctors or even business men and women. The men and women throughout these different clubs have treated me so kindly and with so much respect that they make me want to be just like them someday. With them treating me so kind they really show me how much potential I have to really become great. I hope that someday I will be able to do the same as you guys and be able to give back the way that you give to us. With that said I want to say thank you again for your time and generosity The First Tee and The SCGA Foundation have given me so many opportunities.”

Trey Woods, South Los Angeles, Age 16

“I believe the biggest impact GAME Day has had on me is to continue my education in the pursuit of a career and to give back to my community as a form of thanks and love. Life and golf play hand in hand, therefore I go through life as if it were a round of golf: a day out with people you don’t know, enjoying what nature has to offer, remembering to be respectful and honest and enjoying myself to the fullest of my ability.”

Kristen Grimes, The First Tee of South Los Angeles, Age 18

“G.A.M.E Days is at the top of my list for having a huge impact on my life. G.A.M.E Days has made dreams come true that I thought might never come true and I’m accomplishing some goals I set for myself. To make dreams come true and accomplish goals in this world it takes hard work, says pretty much anyone who has made a dream come true or accomplished a goal. Now I am one who can say achieving dreams and accomplishing goals takes hard work. The dreams I am making come true are playing golf at some of the most prestigious golf courses and having fun while doing it. The goals I am accomplishing are learning from people with experience on how to accept life's and golf’s challenges.”

Aaron Grimes, South Los Angeles, Age 16

“I would like to thank the many people involved with this award. I would like to thank the SCGA for providing golf opportunities to the Southern California area. I would like to thank the SCGA Foundation for offering scholarships to help youth pursue their educational goals through golf. I would like to thank the board of the Foundation for deeming me worthy of this award and helping me achieve my goals. And lastly, I would like to thank the kind and generous sponsors for giving valuable resources to enable the Foundation to pursue its goals.”

Justin King, San Jacinto CA, Age 19

“Thanks to programs like the SCGA Foundation, I have a chance to learn education through the world golf. By that manner I mean how it helps children learn the game of golf and also teaching children the value of this incredible sport.”

Justin Fernandez, Anaheim, CA, Age 14