Norwalk GC FAQs

Q: How long are practices?
Practices are 90 minutes in duration. Juniors are encouraged to arrive 5-10 minutes before class to warm up. Practice will start on time regardless of how many juniors have arrived.

Q: How old does a child have to be to enroll?
Juniors ages 5-17 may enroll in the program.

Q: How long do sessions run for?
Each session is 10 weeks long, with one practice occurring each week, at the same time.

Q: How much does it cost to enroll?
The cost for a session is $40, with a rate of $20 for each additional family member.

Q: Do you offer financial assistance?
Yes, all participants are eligible for financial assistance. For more information please contact

Q: Where is the Norwalk Golf Center located?
The Norwalk Golf Center is located at 13717 Shoemaker Ave., Norwalk, CA 90650

Q: Does my junior need golf clubs to participate in class?
If your junior has golf clubs, please bring them to practice. Youth on Course will provide clubs for practice to any junior that needs them. Please notify the instructor ahead of time if possible so they can find clubs that will fit best.

Q: What is included in the instruction fee?
The fee includes 10 practices as well as the following:
•New participants will receive a hat, t-shirt, wristband and ball marker.
•An SCGA membership with benefits that include the ability to establish a handicap index and a subscription to FORE magazine.
•Playing benefits at their instruction facility
•Opportunity to purchase the full Golf Pass at a discounted rate; this includes discounted access to more than 130 golf facilities, opportunities to play in tournaments, monthly clinics, and invitations to special educational and golf outings

Q: What will my child be doing at practice?
Practices will be following the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) junior golf curriculum. The practices are a blend of developing golf skill and athletic ability, along with learning how to make better decisions and creating healthy habits. The practices are structured to have 6 different stations that help develop different skills but also add a good variety of activities to keep kids engaged. For more information on TPI and how it benefits junior golfers, visit or CLICK HERE to listen to a presentation by Dr. Greg Rose, TPI’s founder!

Q: What do the fitness stations have to do with Golf?
Golfers are athletes, so we try to treat them as such. The modern high-level player must also be a tremendous athlete to compete. As a kid, we have the best opportunity to develop their athletic building blocks versus waiting until they’re older.

Q: How does my child advance through the program?
There is a 10 level system for both their golf skill level as well as their fitness level. At the beginning of each session, we have a dedicated assessment day to determine what their skill level currently is. We ask them to hit different putts, chips, pitches, bunker shots to different targets and record their results. The same process is done for their full swing to different targets and distances as well. For fitness, they will be tested on their locomotive skills, push/pull strength, speed, core/glute strength, vertical jump, and other important aspects in creating athletic golfers. Levels are determined by the data we collect and they are placed into the level that their numbers best match. To move up levels, the junior must match data requirements for every category.

Q: My child has a higher level in golf or fitness then the other? Why is this?
It is not uncommon at all for juniors to be in a higher level in one skill set versus the other. For example if a junior has a strong sports background but has never played golf before, it is likely they may test higher in the fitness category versus the golf skill category.

Q: My child meets all the data requirements for all the categories except for a couple. Why can’t they move up a level?
Our goal is to help the juniors be well rounded golfers. In order for this to happen, we need to make sure that they are comfortable with all parts of their game. For example, if a junior met all the Level 3 requirements for golf skills, however their pitching and bunker data only met the Level 1 requirement, we would still keep them at Level 1 until the data catches up. We believe that the juniors will be more successful once they develop all of the required skills to move to the next level.

Q: Is there a dress code for practices?
Yes, juniors will be provided with a uniform (hat and shirt) that they are required to wear to practice. Also, they will receive a colored wristband and ball marker with a hat clip that represents their current fitness and golf skill level. Golf shoes are not required, however comfortable athletic type shoes are strongly recommended due to the active nature of the classes. Returning participants will not receive a new uniform each session. To purchase a new shirt, click here.