Mission and Goals

The mission of SCGA Youth on Course is to promote the education and character development of Southern California youth through golf. We believe that golf teaches life lessons and develops character in a way that no other sport can match. Through its programs, Youth on Course focuses its efforts as follows:

  • Create affordable access to golf for all youth
  • Teach smart decision-making both on and off the course
  • Instill integrity, character, and responsibility in youth through the game
  • Provide educational opportunities for youth from fifth grade to college
  • Inspire a passion for life-long learning in youth
  • Develop a culture of healthy lifestyles

The charitable affiliate of the SCGA seeks to promote education and character development through golf to deserving youth in communities across Southern California. This includes the Youth on Course golf pass, which offers youth of Southern California affordable access to golf facilities, a scholarship program for youth to continue their education, and other activities that expose youth to the game and its benefits. To assist Youth on Course and its purposes, the SCGA absorbs a major portion of administrative overhead and also contributes funds to assist Youth on Course in its projects.


The SCGA Foundation was formed in 1983 thanks to seed funding from the PGA Championship, which was played at Riviera Country Club and won by Hal Sutton. For almost 20 years, the organization was known as the Southern California Junior Golf Foundation. During that time, the SCGA Foundation depended on the initial donation and a small number of individual donations and its efforts were primarily to support junior golf through free Rules of Golf books and handicap indexes for juniors. In 2002, the SCGA Board of Directors brought renewed energy and change to the organization. The name was changed to the SCGA Foundation to broaden the scope of the organization, a separate board of directors was formed to oversee its operations, and the grants program began. In the past five years, those changes have proven to be very successful as the SCGA Foundation is now embarking on its first strategic plan, it has an active development committee, the board continues to grow and evolve, and most importantly, it is achieving its newly defined mission.

Internship Opportunities

Click here for internship opportunities with SCGA Youth on Course.

Directors and Staff

Advisory Committee

Sam Bell

Ann Meyers Drysdale

Jason Gore

Roosevelt Grier

Pat Haden

Don Knabe

Gene Littler

Eddie Merrins

Al Michaels

Bob Newhart

Don Pooley

Vin Scully

Dave Stockton

Board of Directors

Matt Lyons - President

Jim Vernon - Immediate Past President

Phil Frengs - Vice President

Dan Cimino - Secretary

Dr. Keenan Barber - Treasurer

Victor Bartholetti

Brian Good

Ed Holmes

John Kobara

Mike Roos

Michael Rosenberg

Kevin Smith

Bob Suppelsa

Chris Wilson


Kevin Gigax, Executive Director

Jennifer Alban, Program Director

Kaycee Wilke, Program Manager, Instruction

Jeremy Gardner, Program Coordinator, Golf

Lexie Jones, Development Coordinator

SCGA Youth on Course Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those who have arranged a deferred gift to SCGA Youth on Course utilizing sound estate and retirement planning. They are generous, forward-thinking friends who want to ensure the long-term sustainability of SCGA Youth on Course. They are passionate about the success of young people and believe that we can support them through a game we all love. Turning this passion into action, these donors have found a place in their estate plan for SCGA Youth on Course along those legacies planned for family and friends. In addition to securing SCGA Youth on Course’s future, these type of gifts can benefit donors financially by reducing income and estate tax and increasing cash flow.

Founding Members
Anne & Vic Bartholetti
Jean Duff
Bob & Mary Fischer
Kevin & Kate Gigax
Marc & Patty Myers

Learn More

If you’d like support or make a commitment, please contact Kevin Gigax at (818) 432-4175.