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SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – Women’s Championship Division

Dec. 9, 2019 at Rancho Bernardo Inn

Women’s club champions are invited to play in this 18-hole individual stroke play Championship. The Championship is open to all skill levels. Players must be an amateur member in good standing with the SCGA and a member on the club’s active roster at the time they won the Championship. This Division will compete without handicaps.

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2018 Recap


For Akemi Khaiat, it wasn't an easy win at the 2018 Tournament of Club Champions, butting heads with 2018 SCGA Player of the Year Kathy Kurata at Friendly Hills CC. With the duo both finishing the front at 1-over, all bets were off for the Rivera CC Club Champion, playing on Kurata's home turf.

But, the unexpected happened, and Kurata got stuck on a bogey train that she couldn't shake, giving Khaiat an opportunity. A birdie on 15 was her ticket to becoming a champion, finishing with a three stroke lead.

Tied with Kurata at 7-over were Whitney Britton (El Niguel CC) and Eunice Cho (Old Ranch CC) to finish the top-4.

Past Winners

Year Winner Site
2018 Akemi Khaiat Friendly Hills CC
2017 Kathy Kurata Birnam Wood GC
2016 Mina Hardin Brentwood CC
2015 Mina Hardin
2014 Angela Collins
2013 Joan Higgins
2012 Kathy Kurata
2011 Joan Higgins
2010 Joan Higgins
2009 Joan Higgins
2008 Joan Higgins
2007 Deby Anderson
2006 Joan Higgins
2005 Louella Kanew
2004 Rochelle Boyer
2003 Cynthia Navis
2002 Rochelle Boyer
2001 Cynthia Navis
2000 Joan Higgins
1999 Marianne Towersey
1998 Joan Higgins
1997 Caryn Wilson
1995 Joan Higgins
1994 Linda Pearson
1993 Sue Ewart
1992 Judy Hewson
1991 Sylvia Kim
1991 Deborah Baronofsky
1990 Sue Ewart
1988 Kim Lasken
1987 Millie Stanley
1986 Cindy Scholfield
1985 Cindy Scholefield
1984 Mrs. John L. Callaghan
1983 Jodie Martin
1982 Jennifer Davis
1981 Mrs. Allen Sheals
1980 Mrs. Robert Mac Callum
1979 Jodie Martin
1977 Mrs. Paul E. Travis
1976 Mrs. Paul E. Travis
1975 Mrs. Edward C. Becker
1974 Mrs. Paul E. Travis
1973 Ellen Bowering
1972 Denise Bebernes
1971 Mrs. Arthur Wright
1970 Mrs. Arthur Wright
1969 Mrs. Walter Bowering
1968 Mrs. Edward C. Becker
1967 Mrs. Jack De Mots
1966 Mrs. J. Staddon Loveys
1965 Mrs. Herbert Staats
1964 Mrs. J. Staddon Loveys
1963 Mrs. Irving Knight
1962 Mrs. Irving Knight
1961 Mrs. J. Staddon Loveys
1960 Ruth White Mieller
1959 Mrs. Irving Knight
1958 Mrs. Herbert Staats
1957 Mrs. Ruth McCullah
1956 Mrs. Herbert Staats
1955 Mrs. Sydney Grossman
1954 Mrs. Sydney Grossman
1953 Mrs. Allene Gates Weissmuller
1952 Ruth McCullah
1951 Mrs. Jack Holmes
1950 Mrs. Jack Holmes
1949 Mrs. Allene Gates Weissmuller
1948 Ruth McCullah
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

I had registered for the tournament of club champions and my credit card had been charged.  Am I registered for the event ?