Withdrawal & Refund Policies

Withdrawl Policy

The SCGA Withdrawal Policy applies both to withdrawals prior to the start of an SCGA competition and during an SCGA competition as set forth below:

Withdrawal prior to the start of a competition:

To withdraw for any reason prior to the start of an SCGA competition, a player must notify the SCGA Rules and Competitions Department. During business hours (7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) you may call the Rules and Competitions Department at (818) 980-3630. To withdraw on a weekend, or during non-business hours e-mail the SCGA staff person in charge of the event or rules@scga.org. If a player needs to withdraw on the morning of the event, notify the SCGA staff person through the golf shop staff at the host venue. Failure to notify the SCGA will subject the player to suspension from future SCGA competitions.

Withdrawal during an SCGA competition:

All players are expected to complete the competition which they start. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal during a competition are physical injury, illness, or an emergency. Poor play is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal. A player who withdraws without an acceptable reason or without notifying SCGA personnel will be subject to suspension from future SCGA competitions. If a player is aware of a possibility of withdrawal (e.g. injury) he should notify the SCGA as soon as possible and before pairings are announced for the next day.

All players who start a round must return a scorecard personally to SCGA staff or an SCGA official even if they are officially withdrawing. Players who do not follow this policy will be subject to suspension from future SCGA competitions. Players who withdraw also must sign and attest that the hole by hole scores are correct for the fellow-competitor's scorecard they were keeping and return that card to the fellow-competitor or another marker in the group.

Refund Policy - SCGA Events

Requests for refunds prior to the entry closing date will be honored less a $10 ($20 per team) administrative fee. Requests received after the closing date and 48 hours prior to the event will be honored less 50% of the entry. No refunds will be honored within 48 hours prior to the event. In lieu of a refund, players may opt to donate their entire entry fee to the SCGA Foundation (this is a fully tax-deductible donation; a receipt will be mailed to the donor).