Pace of Play Policy

Golf is an amazing sport that we all know and love, but it’s a sport that should and can be played faster than it currently is. With this policy, SCGA staff and officials are hoping to create a mindset in tournament participants of playing faster and enjoying quicker rounds. Our ultimate goal is to provide a positive tournament experience for our participants, and we believe efficient pace of play contributes largely to that objective. In order to change a culture of deliberate play there has to be incentive for players to want to play fast, walk faster between shots and keep up with the group in front of them. The incentive behind this policy is that penalty strokes will be assessed if participants do not play within this policy’s parameters. Similar to Rule 6-3 in which the player must start at the time established by the committee, Rule 6-7 will be enforced and the player will have a maximum allowed period to compete a stipulated round or penalty strokes will be assessed.


The Tournament Committee at each competition will determine the maximum allotted time each group is permitted to play the stipulated round. This time will be posted on each player’s scorecard and each player is expected to maintain a pace faster than the maximum allotted time. The stipulated round is complete when the last player in the group completes play of the final hole and the flagstick is replaced.


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