Incomplete Round Policy

SCGA players should be prepared to play through rainy conditions. The SCGA will only suspend play if there is danger from lightning, if the course becomes unplayable or if there are extreme weather conditions (such as hail, severe rainstorm, etc.). The SCGA does not issue refunds for rounds cancelled due to rain.

When weather conditions or darkness threaten a suspension of play during an SCGA Qualifier, the following procedure will be used to determine the qualifiers from that site:

Players will be told on the tee that the day’s play consists of two stipulated rounds of nine holes each. Note: the player shall continue play between the nines as they would during an 18-hole qualifier, and scores will be kept on the same score card. If the entire field completes 18 holes, the qualifying will be based on the total score for the two stipulated rounds.

If the entire field completes nine holes, but less than 18, the qualifying score will be based on the nine-hole stipulated round. 

If the entire field completes fewer than nine holes, and the tournament cannot be rescheduled for another date, the chairman of the event will conduct a sporting draw to determine the qualifiers.