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One Member, One Handicap Number

Handicap ID #’s (GHIN #’s), like Social Security numbers, are unique to each golfer. Even if someone takes a two year break from golf, Handicap ID #’s (GHIN #’s) will still be stored until the golfer decides to play again. Whether a golfer belongs to one club or five clubs, in California or in another state, they use the same Handicap ID # (GHIN #) for their respective club memberships. Golfers should always provide a new club with their existing Handicap ID # (GHIN #) along with their email address.

Members should NOT have different Handicap ID #’s (GHIN #’s) at different clubs. If a golfer has been issued a new Handicap ID # (GHIN #) when they already have an existing number, please contact the SCGA as soon as practical so we can merge those files under one Handicap ID # (GHIN #).