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New GHIN Platform On The Horizon

There is a new GHIN platform set to launch later this fall. The new platform will impact administration of handicapping and the tools used by all SCGA members to post scores. To prepare and educate club officials, we will provide several SCGA seminars later this year!

The new GHIN platform will focus on handicaps and scores, and reports generated will not be used for membership or billing actions. We want to reinforce something that has been communicated a number of times by the SCGA, but has not been adopted in totality by clubs, as we operate today and for the future; GHIN is to be used solely for score and handicap items and creating reports.

Keep the above in mind regarding education for the new GHIN platform. When we learn more about the new GHIN platform we will communicate thoroughly with the Handicap Chair at your club or handicap designee. Please verify your Handicap Chair, or the individual who accesses GHIN for score and handicap maintenance for you club HERE!