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Must Reads for 2020

Posting Computer Kiosks:

    • With the anticipated GHIN shutdown between January 1-5, 2020, PLEASE SHUT DOWN ALL POSTING COMPUTER KIOSKS.
    • We recommend posting some type of notice on or near the monitor.

Historical GHIN Reports:

    • The current GHIN reports that the club has built will not migrate to the new GHIN Platform (They must be re-built in the new platform).
    • Clubs should print off reports with optional info as optional fields is going away.
    • Clubs should also print Low Index reports if needed as info will go away 12/31/19.
    • For clubs that use any of the four “optional fields” in the GHIN platform they may want to print reports with these as they are being eliminated as of Dec. 31. If there is a phone number currently stored in one of these fields it will migrate into the new GHIN platform and will become a standard field and will be accessible.
    • Members who currently have an index modification or a reduction under Section 10-3 will not exist in the transition to the new WHS.
    • Course Handicap Tables – when can courses expect to receive updated Course Handicap Tables?
    • Initially, the SCGA will be providing updated Handicap Slope Charts that can be downloaded and printed.
    • Eventually the SCGA will be mailing larger slope charts that match course tee colors.

    SCGA Admin Portal

    • The billing and membership portal will remain operational during GHIN downtime.
    • This system should continue to be used for all membership and billing activity.


    • Eclubhouse/eGolfer will be decommissioned as of January 2020.
    • These products will not be accessible after the transition, including any history or data.

SCGA.org Member Log-In

    • All SCGA profiles will be eliminated
    • There will be no reason to sign into scga.org as score posting will now reside at GHIN.com