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GHIN Blackout: Jan. 1-5

When GHIN comes back online after the January 1-5 blackout period, the updated GHIN platform will require new credentialing for access. Each listed Handicap Chair on record with the SCGA will receive a special email, scheduled for January 6, allowing for creation of a GHIN User Account. These accounts will be unique to the user, not generic in relation to the club. Club numbers (which are changing in 2020) will not be used to access the GHIN platform after December 31, 2019. In order to gain access to the GHIN platform a recipient of the initial email will have to complete the registration/credential process.

GHIN Access is separate and different than SCGA Admin Portal Access. GHIN should be used to look at or correct scoring records and to create any handicap-related reports; The SCGA Admin Portal should be used for ALL membership and billing functions.

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