It’s Time To Renew!

October 04, 2018

Most SCGA Members will need to renew membership in their clubs starting Nov. 1.

Are YOU due for renewal? Don't risk a lapse in your membership. Here's how to stay active:

Keep an Eye on your Inbox

If we have your email on file, we'll contact you 60 days before your membership is scheduled to expire. This email will contain a direct, customized link for you to renew online or, if your club does not have online signup, the contact information for your membership chair. If you don’t take action, we will send additional email reminders. If you do not have an email address on record with the SCGA, you will receive something in the mail. NOTE: Most private clubs automatically continue SCGA membership for their members and the references to messaging from the SCGA does not apply.

Email renewal notices will look similar to this and will come from the following email address: SCGA Member Services

Online Renewal via SCGA Portal

Can’t find the email from the SCGA for online renewal? Save time and renew with a few mouse clicks! Renew at and search for your club. Avoid making your search too detailed by trying to match the entire club name exactly. If looking for a club that starts with the word Monarch, just searching on the word Monarch and then pick the correct one if more than one appears. NOTE: for members of clubs that are not on the SCGA online portal, you'll need to reach out directly to your club official for renewal instructions.

Check Membership Status

Not sure if you are due for renewal? Check on your membership status at If you haven’t already created an online account/profile, you’ll need to do so by clicking the option to ‘Create Online Profile’ in the top right corner of the screen. Once logged in, you'll see your membership(s) status and when they are up for renewal.

Still have questions? Please reach out to and we’ll be happy to assist.

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