SCGA COVID-19 Updates

With attentions elsewhere and personal budgets suddenly more scrutinized,the SCGA feels it is inappropriate to ask members to prioritize golf right now. More specifically, we are delaying membership renewal decisions. Until we all have a better understanding on when we will be able to again play golf and engage with friends at our favorite facilities, we should all remain focused on what’s truly important.

Please refer to the FAQs below for more information.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff, thank you for your continued trust and confidence. Stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you on the golf course soon.

COVID-19 Membership Extension FAQs

Q: Who’s impacted by this decision?

A: All SCGA members with expiration dates between April 13, 2020 and June 30, 2020 will be changed to July 1, 2020. Please note, a golfer who has acted recently to renew his or her membership would not be impacted by this change, as their membership expiration date now occurs in 2021.

Q: Why is the SCGA extending memberships?

A: The SCGA feels it is inappropriate to ask its members to prioritize golf right now, including going through the renewal process and paying for a membership. With attentions elsewhere and personal budgets suddenly more scrutinized, the SCGA wants to take proactive steps to delay any membership decisions until members have a better understanding or vision on when they will be able to again play golf and engage with friends at their favorite facilities.

Q: When will I receive SCGA’s renewal messaging?

A: The SCGA will resume sending automated messageson June 24. Members will receive renewal notices seven days and one day prior to expiration, followed by one day and 30 days after alapsed membership.

Q: How does this impact auto renewal?

A: A member’s autorenewal date will be rescheduled with July 1 expiration. Messaging about autorenewal starts seven days before expiration.

Q: Why does this membership extension only apply to a limited number of SCGA memberships?

A: Members with near-term expiring memberships have much higher priorities, including the health and welfare of their families and friends. We do not want to send them a reminder message that could be perceived as insensitive.

Q: What if golf is not allowed in Southern California until after July 1, 2020?

A: The SCGA will continue to monitor all local and state ordinances. We may extend these dates if necessary. However, we will not shorten these extensions.

Q: What if golf begins in different areas of Southern California sooner than others?

A: Regardless of how and when golf begins again, the SCGA will take the entirety of its membership into consideration when making any future decisions. We will not make regional, county or club-specific decisions.