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Believe It Or Not: Golf Is A Sport

By: Jentry Barton - Jan 23, 2019

Jentry Barton is a TPI Certified Coach at South County Golf Academy. Have you ever heard “golf is not a sport,” or “you don’t have to be an athlete to play golf?” To a golf specific strength and conditioning coach, these comments are uneducated and misinformed, and let me tell…

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Doctor’s Orders! with Coach Jentry

By: Jentry Barton - Mar 03, 2020

…out of Mission Viejo, Jentry is also known as “Coach X” in the social media world. She believes that health and strength are the “X-factor” to longevity and enjoyment in golf. She is also the National Director for Nike Golf Camps, and constantly looking for ways to grow the game.…

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Doctor’s Orders! Keep Fit During Quarantine

By: Jentry Barton - May 06, 2020

With the order to stay home, and off the golf course, everyone is searching for ways to keep their swing intact, without being on the range or the course. This is the perfect time to work on the number one piece of equipment that you own, and that is your…

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Drink Up, Sisters!

By: Jentry Barton - Apr 09, 2019

There are two types of golfers. One type gets to the course early, has a long warm-up, eats a healthy snack, and feels relaxed on the first tee. The other type, is parking their car while their group is already on the tee, texting them that they will go last.…

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