LA Girls’ Day on a Budget

By: Leslie Hughes - Nov 07, 2019

Few things can lift up your spirits quite like a girl’s day. Especially when that day doesn’t force you to dig deep into your pockets. If it’s time for you to round up your friends for another girl’s day and you’re fresh out of ideas, look no further.

Say “goodbye” to the typical day at the spa, a trip to the movies, a day spent inside the mall, and say “hello” to a girl’s day filled with outdoor fun and for a minimal amount of money. Grab your golf clubs, hiking boots, curiosity and an appetite and head to Griffith Park. Here you’ll find all you need for a girl’s day that is sure to be your best one yet.

1. Drive your way through Roosevelt GC

Perched right under the Griffith Observatory sits this stunning golf course with some of the best views in the city. Don’t worry about stuffy country club rules and steep VIP prices. Here at Roosevelt Golf Course you’ll find a welcoming public 9-hole course where a round of golf on its rolling hills will set you back just $16.

Keep your eyes out for the photo-ops while playing to get some great pictures of you and the girls swinging it in style with the L.A. city skyline behind, and the Griffith Observatory above.

Finish up your round at the course’s newly-designed and oh-so-charming eatery, Franklin’s Cafe for some top-notch snacks and sandwiches to fuel the rest of your day.

2. Walk it out in Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the hottest hiking destinations in L.A., and with one visit there, you’ll quickly see why. This park boasts over 4,000+ acres of fun to roam making it nearly 5 times as large as Central Park. There are over 70 miles of hiking trails here above the city offering something for every level of hiker.

Whatever you and your girls are feeling in terms of intensity, you’ll find at Griffith Park. Just expect to find plenty of other fellow hikers unless you opt for an off-the-beaten-track trail.

3. See the stars at Griffith Observatory

Time your hike so that you can spend some time at the Griffith Observatory. Peruse the observatory’s interior where your mind will be expanded to wonder how you it’s possible so much exists in the skies above you. Post-sunset head outside for your chance to glance at the sparkling night sky via one of the observatory’s high-powered telescopes.

4. Wet your appetite at Little Dom’s

Nearby Hillhurst Ave. of Los Feliz is a hot spot for foodies, and this little Italian restaurant will have you feeling like you’re in an episode of The Sopranos, minus all the mobsters and blood. Chances are good you’ll see a celeb or two. My first time eating here was just a week after I’d moved to this magical city, and the second my all-time favorite celebrity Jon Hamm walked in the door, Little Dom’s became my new go-to restaurant. Sharing is caring here at Little Dom’s, as the menu is full of items worth tasting. Or if you’d rather keep your food to yourself, head there on Monday for the eatery’s famous $18 three-course Monday Night Supper.

For under $50 you’ve got yourself an adventurous girl’s day that covers quite a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively.

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