Drink Up, Sisters!

By: Jentry Barton - Apr 09, 2019

There are two types of golfers. One type gets to the course early, has a long warm-up, eats a healthy snack, and feels relaxed on the first tee. The other type, is parking their car while their group is already on the tee, texting them that they will go last. Comical, but true! Regardless of what type of golfer you are, here is a short list of things to ensure success in your round, for whichever type of golfer you might be.

    1. Water! This is first on the list for a reason. Proper hydration is absolutely essential to successful athletic movements, and a golf swing is the most intense of them all. Make sure you have plenty of water and are sipping it before each tee shot at the least! Studies show that golfers hit 12 percent shorter, and 93 percent less accurate when mildly dehydrated. So drink up, sisters!

    2. HEALTHY Snacks. There is nothing worse than being out on the course, with a “hangry” attitude. Snacks that are nutrient dense, and not just calorie fillers are ideal when playing 18 holes. Stay away from the typical “snack shack” options and lean more towards fruit, trail mix, jerky, and other great REAL FOOD options.

    3. Proper Body Preparation. Most golfers do simple stretches before hitting a golf ball. But this is absolutely essential to a fluid, pain-free golf swing. Do NOT put two clubs in your hands and swing. Instead, go through a dynamic warm-up such as lunges with rotations, squats, and balancing on one leg while touching the ground, etc. Dynamic movements don’t just stretch us, but also warm-up the muscles we need to be more powerful in our golf swing. These can even be done on the tee box while your friends are teeing off first.

    4. Mental Focus. One of my biggest heroes in life said, “Where the mind goes, energy flows.” I have found that the amount of energy we put into things usually will give us a good idea of what the result will be. Make sure that the energy surrounding your round is positive, exciting, and energized! Sometimes a quick dance, a big smile, or a high five to your playing partner will add a boost to your next shot.

    5. Proper Recovery. Just as it is important to PREPARE for your round. It is equally as important to RECOVER from your round. After you walk off the 18th green, here are a couple things to keep in mind. Keep drinking water, and give yourself some protein to help your muscles recover more quickly. Consider massage, or foam rolling to help alleviate stiffness that might come the next day. Take some deep breaths, review the things in your mind you were most grateful for from that round, so that you can call on those moments in your next round.

These are just a couple tips to help you play stronger, happier and more proficient golf.

Good luck, and have fun!

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