Doctor’s Orders! Keep Fit During Quarantine

By: Jentry Barton - May 06, 2020

With the order to stay home, and off the golf course, everyone is searching for ways to keep their swing intact, without being on the range or the course. This is the perfect time to work on the number one piece of equipment that you own, and that is your body!

Most everyone has a resistance band laying around, but are not sure what do with it to see benefits in their swing.

Here are three moves that you can do from home with nothing more than a resistance band that will help create more stability in your golf swing, and elevate your game from your home!

For each of these exercises, you can anchor your band to a door, tree, bedpost, or anything that is not going to move.

1. Cable Rotations: Get into golf posture, with your hands overlapping on the handle of your resistance band. While trying to keep your lower body still, and your arms straight, rotate from shoe to shoe for 12-15 reps on each side. Think about what muscles are engaged here in order to keep your lower body from shifting.

2. Lunged Single Arm Row: Get into a lunged position, with the handle in the hand that is on the same side as your front foot. From here, keep your lower body still, as you pull the resistance band in a rotational row away from the anchor. Complete 12-15 on each side, thinking about maintain a solid posture, and lower body stability through each rep. This teaches your body to use the proper muscles to stabilize, and have proper posture in your golf swing!

3. Pallof Press: Get into golf posture, with your hands overlapping on the handle of your resistance band. Scoot away from your anchor so that there is a mild amount of tension on the band. Start with the handle, at your chest, then push it away from you with your arms straight, then bring it back to your chest for 12-15 reps on each side. You should not lose your posture, or have any movement other than in your arms. This exercise is training your body to utilize your core as a stabilizer for movement around our center.

Each of these moves can help to eliminate power leakage, instability, and inconsistency in our golf swings! Utilize this time at home, and head to the course feeling STRONGER! Knocking off the rust when you get back to it, will be easier if you keep your body prepared during this time off.

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