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Meet Larry Cloud

Digital Information Manager

Bringing years of experience in database design and implementation to the SCGA, Larry is working to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information about our members. He began his involvement in golf administration in 1995 as a volunteer and came to the SCGA with the PLGA merger in 2011. His goal is to integrate the disparate records of all types of clubs and golfers into a coherent picture of golf in Southern California.

Larry started out as a “science-fair nerd” in Texas and has continued to research and study wide varieties of subjects ever since. That came in handy when he became a five-time Jeopardy! Champion and competed in the Ultimate Tournament of Champions! Larry also went to New York to help IBM test their Watson computer system for its Jeopardy! appearance. He knows that creating truly useful data means to strike the balance between overwhelming detail and oversimplifying generalization. Finding that balance is like fixing your slice, a continuing struggle!

What is your favorite golf memory?

"Playing a round of golf with a 93-year-old man (who still walked carrying his own clubs) and watching him compete with two long-driving 20-somethings. The 20-somethings openly complained about being paired with 'that old guy' who would hold up their game. Although he couldn’t hit a shot longer that 150, his accuracy and short game were amazing. He beat both young players on every hole until they gave up in disgust and left the course! His only reaction was a little grin."

What is your dream golf foursome?

"I'd love to play (in heaven) with Old Tom Morris, Walter Hagen, Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer (in heaven, even fivesomes play fast!) Think of the stories!"

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