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Meet Julia Pine

Asst. Director, Communications

Since joining the SCGA in early 2011, Julia has worked to enhance members experiences on with fresh content, in-depth coverage of tournaments, videos, member engagement opportunities and more. She is the editor of the SCGA's FORE magazine and plusFORE digital magazine and handles the Association's growing social media program and media relations.

Julia is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and grew up in Berkeley, Calif. For her, sports is not just a career, but a passion.

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Why Communications?

"I've always been interested in how people exchange information, especially when it revolves around their passions. For me, sports is a passion. Partnered with my love for writing, it was a natural choice for me to study sports journalism in college, and I have tried to bring a lot of that background to my work at the SCGA. Technology is constantly changing the way people communicate with each other, and I am excited to be involved in an industry that will help determine what those changes entail."

What's your favorite sports website and why?

" They have great content, photos and make me, the user, want to logon multiple times per day. The content is customizeable, so that I can easily access the things I want to read/view and not have to bother with the topics that don't interest me. We hope can develop into a website that members feel the same way about."

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