Meet James Hicks

Manager, Rules & Competitions

James joined the SCGA staff in December of 2013 after completing his P.J. Boatwright Internship with the Texas Golf Association. As a member of the Rules & Competitions Department, James is in charge of numerous SCGA One-Day Tournaments, SCGA/CGA/USGA qualifiers and SCGA championships.

A native of Tennessee, James graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Sports Management and a minor in business administration. An avid Tennessee Volunteers fan, James enjoys spending his time playing basketball and exploring new places.

Dream golf foursome?

"My dad, Fred Couples, Bill Murray and myself."

Why golf?

"I have always loved being around sports but the way that golf challenges you mentally and tests your character really intrigues me. Golf gives me a great chance to meet new people and explore different areas that I may not see otherwise."

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