Meet Ashley Noda

Manager, Communications & Marketing

Ashley will lead the Communications and Marketing integrated efforts for the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation to ensure a seamless and coordinated approach for all branding and messaging across key areas. In this increasingly significant role, Ashley will drive the development and implementation of the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation’s strategic communications and marketing programs and implement project initiatives, including digital newsletters, emails, marketing collateral, Board reports, grass-roots media relations, video development and social media support.

Prior to joining the SCGA, Ashley worked at Pantheon, a website operations and hosting company. Serving as an Event Marketing Specialist, she led the company’s conference and industry event program, responsible for the overall event marketing strategy, coordination and execution of initiatives. Ashley has deep roots in youth and golfer development, serving as an Operations and Program Coordinator at First Tee of Silicon Valley. A First Tee alumnus herself (Sacramento), Ashley coordinated all aspects of fundraising and community events while executing marketing initiatives and designing collateral.

Why golf?

"The golf course has been my home away from home, my sanctuary since I was three years old. I've always felt the most confident and the most myself when I step onto a course. Through my own experiences and so many of those around me, I've seen firsthand the incredible impact this game can have on a person, especially when introduced to it at a young age. Having the opportunity to combine so many major aspects of my life – my love of golf, my career in marketing, my passion for serving my community – is an absolute dream."

Dream foursome?

"Charlie Woods has officially taken Tiger's spot in my dream foursome (although, I'd still love to see Tiger on his bag). I'll happily lose money to that kid any day. Second up would be my girl, Nikki B (@nikkibgolf). We grew up in the Sacramento area together and played junior, high school, and college golf against each other. Nikki continues to be one of my biggest inspirations, as she blazes an incredible new trail in the golf world. And I couldn't possibly round out this group without my dad. He's the one who introduced me to this crazy game and has been my biggest fan and favorite golf partner since."

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