Meet Alysa Kerner

Administrative Asst., Handicap & Membership

Alysa joined the SCGA Handicap and Membership team in 2006. Knowing nothing about golf, she buried her nose in the USGA Handicap Manual and studied the book from cover to cover in order to effectively and accurately assist golf clubs and their members in any handicap-related questions. She now oversees all areas of the department with a main focus on the Handicap Certification Program.

What has been your most memorable moment working at the SCGA?

"My most memorable SCGA moment was teaching my first Handicap Certification Class. There were approximately 70 attendees and I remember running on no sleep from working the itinerary in my head all night, an over active bladder from the pot of coffee I guzzled down and having to wipe my hands on my pants to remove sweat before shaking hands from being so nervous. I will never forget the hour preceding that class. It brought back memories of taking my driver’s test as a kid. The good news … after Frances Nee’s pep talk, once I stepped in front of the class and saw all those eager-to-learn smiles, I felt right at home.

What do you love most having the opportunity to meet Handicap Chairs and other members?

"Being able to meet handicap chairs and club officials face to face has been a blessing and a great way to build a trusting relationship with our clubs. The handicap chairs and handicap committees have a great responsibility ensuring the accuracy of all their member's indexes. I admire those that put in the time and effort to follow through on their responsibilities. I couldn’t do my job if we didn’t have those volunteers giving their time."

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