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Get to Know:

Bob Livingstone, Treasurer

The Basics:

Name: Bob Livingstone

City of residence: Long Beach

Clubs: El Dorado Park Golf Course, Recreation Park Golf Course, and SoCal Collegians Golf Club

Profession: Contract Manager, City of Long Beach Parks and Recreation Department

Family: Single, and had to give away my dachshund, Bogey, who liked to chew through electrical cords

Volunteer and committee involvement: St. Mary’s Medical Foundation, Long Beach Partners of Parks, 49er Athletic Association, and CSU Long Beach Alumni Association

What you Didn't Know:

A band that Bob listens to: U2

First car: White ’67 Mustang

Favorite book: Any historical biography

Guilty-pleasure food: Cinnamon-Powdered Donuts

Favorite non-golf item: Hot tub

Favorite Southland hotspot: Outback

One gadget you can’t live without: Cell phone; I just have to be connected.

Favorite quote: “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” (Albert Einstein)

If Bob couldn't do what he does now as a profession, he'd be: Mayor of Long Beach

Greatest pride: Giving of my time and money to worthwhile causes that I believe make my community better

Most-visited website that’s not work-related: 49er Sports Chat Board

On volunteering: I want to see golf events run properly and you need good volunteers to do that; our players get very well-run events.

On the Course:

Has played golf since: I realized how awful I was in Little League, so about 13.

What Bob would like to see more of on the course: Respect for the history and traditions of the game

Favorite Tour player: Tie between Paul Goydos and John Mallinger; I played against Paul and I coached John

What part of the game of golf needs to change: Bifurcation--one set of equipment standards for the very elite players and one set for Joe Public. I don’t buy the “I want to play the same game as Tiger and Phil” argument since no one does that; those guys are just better and if their equipment isn’t rolled back, the game will start to see negative environmental issues as we will need more land/water/chemicals to build longer courses; I also think average golfers will quit since the courses are just too tough while trying to challenge the elite players. Wood bats haven’t destroyed professional baseball, and smaller drivers and shorter balls won’t ruin golf.

Any Rules of Golf that Bob would like to change?: Wouldn’t that be sacrilegious for a Rules Guy? I support finding the nearest point of relief and placing the ball there rather than dropping it. Also, if a club can be declared out of play after the round starts and a penalty has been imposed, why shouldn’t it be able to be declared out of play to begin with, with no penalty?

What would you tell juniors to interest them in the game of golf?: Golf is a sport where you can’t blame or rely on a teammate, it is just you and your equipment vs. the course. That is an activity that will make you a better person.