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Get to Know:

Al Frank, Immediate Past President

The Basics:

Name: Al Frank

City of residence: Glendale

Club: Oakmont Country Club

Profession: Certified Public Accountant with Deloitte & Touche

Family: Wife of 31 years, Debby; daughter and son-in-law Erin and Pete with grandson of 5 months, Jack; daughter Stacey and fiance-in-law Josh

What you Didn't Know:

A singer that Al listens to: Diana Krall

First car: 1965 Chevy Impala

Favorite book: All-time favorite is The Godfather

Guilty-pleasure food: Chocolate chip ice cream cone

Favorite non-golf item: iPad

Favorite Southland hotspot: Alfredo’s in Torrance--my favorite burritos, chips, salsa and guacamole

One gadget you can’t live without: BlackBerry, as staying connected seems more important than ever

Favorite quote: "If it’s not where you’re looking, look somewhere else" (by that noted philosopher, Al Frank)

If Al couldn’t do what he does now as a profession, he would: Teach

Greatest pride: My family. Every day I look in the mirror and think I’m the luckiest guy in the world! My daughters, their guys, my grandson, my wife...just call me Mr. Lucky.

Most-visited website that’s not work-related: ESPN App on the iPad

On volunteering: The people that I associate with make it all worth while.

On the Course:

Has golfed for: 45 years

What Al would like to see more of on the course: More fun and less grumbling about bad shots...after all, we’re awfully lucky to be playing this great game.

Favorite Tour player: Paul Goydos...how could there be any question?

What part of the game of golf needs to change: It sure would be great to figure out how to provide more and better access to golf for kids.

One Rule of Golf that Al would like to change: Just can’t stand hitting a perfect drive and having it end up in a sandy divot...and a little more fun couldn’t hurt.

On junior golf: One of the greatest favors my Dad ever did was to spend $20 and buy me a mismatched set of golf clubs at a pawn shop one day. The people I’ve met, the relationships I’ve developed, the fun I’ve had, and the life lessons I’ve learned have all enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined.